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Time of return will be 6 hours | Service fee:  5% + 0.0007 BTC | A generated address is valid for 7 days (See FAQ)

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The MAZJ.XYZ operates by expertly blending cryptocurrencies across a chain of stock exchanges that span three distinct continents.

MAZJ.XYZ is a bitcoin mixer with an enhanced and unique algorithm for anonymizing and mixing coins.
Unlike other "regular" mixers that simply mix coins from one client with coins from other clients, returning coins to you with a low level of anonymity, MAZJ.XYZ goes further. We collaborate with independent investors around the world to use their cryptocurrency assets for mixing.

Our bitcoin-mixer 2.0 algorithm provides multi-level cleaning, achieving the maximum level of anonymity and guaranteeing the purity of your coins.
Your coins will be sent in different parts with different time intervals from different geographical locations to one or several of your wallets.

We offer you the best anonymization algorithm available today.

Why people choose us


The algorithm: Bitcoin Mixer 2.0

MAZJ.XYZ demonstrates a unique approach to the problem of cryptocurrency anonymization. We have developed and implemented the best technologies for a mixer, so that you can receive only clean bitcoins that are not associated with illegal or questionable operations (AML lvl 0-25%).

We are available 24x7x365

The algorithms of are fully automated, and our service operates 24/7. We guarantee continuous support to our clients. In case of any issues, we make maximum efforts for their prompt resolution.



NO registration, NO logs

We never store logs, all data necessary for transaction processing is immediately deleted after successful completion and confirmation of the transaction, or after the expiration of the address for unfulfilled requests.

Letters of guarantee

We guarantee that our services will be performed at 100% and confirm this with digitally signed warranty letters. We strongly recommend keeping these letters as they provide additional assurance in case of disputes.



What is the mixer? mixer is a service that uses its own algorithm to regulate the scoring of cryptocurrency wallets. It differs from classic mixers in that it replaces your coins with verified coins from European, Asian and North American exchanges.

'2. Can I trust MAZJ.XYZ with my money?

We offer protection against accidental errors or deliberate actions to all our customers. All incoming orders are accompanied by letters of guarantee signed with PGP keys. This provides additional protection and confirmation of transaction integrity.

3. How long does the Bitcoin exchange process take?

The anonymisation process takes up to 8 hours after we receive the first confirmation of an incoming customer transaction. To prevent your transactions from being analysed on the blockchain, we set a random time for Bitcoins to be returned. As a result, the return time can vary from 1 to 8 hours to increase the level of anonymity. In addition, our clients receive cryptocurrency in different parts, which also increases anonymity.

4. How many confirmations are required to accept a transfer?

We consider a transfer accepted after receiving 1 confirmation.

5. What is the minimum and maximum amount of funds to exchange?

The maximum amount for is 50 BTC per request. This limit exists to prevent large amounts of coins from being deanonymised through blockchain analysis. However, you can create multiple clearance requests if you need to clear a larger amount.

6. What happens if I send less money than required?

Smaller transactions will be treated as a donation, as it does not make business sense to do so. Bitcoin network fees may be higher than this amount. However, if you sent a smaller amount by mistake, please contact our support team and we will suggest options for your specific case.

7. How much does it cost to use Bitcoin Mixer 2.0?

The commission for using the service is up to 5% + 0.0007 BTC. This offer is a good option to ensure a high level of anonymity.

8. What logs are stored in the system?

We do not keep any logs, all information for transaction processing is deleted immediately after completion and transaction confirmation or after the life of the address expires for unfulfilled requests. The only proof of our work is a letter of guarantee, which you can keep.

9. What is a letter of guarantee and why do I need one?

A letter of guarantee is a digital confirmation that the Bitcoin address we provide to you for sending coins was generated by our server. We always provide the guarantee letter and sign it with a PGP digital signature for your security. You can verify our digital signature using our public key. The guarantee letter is the only proof of our commitment, so it is important to keep it before sending coins.

10. How do I verify a letter of guarantee?

To verify a letter of guarantee, install a PGP client such as PGP4Win. Then import our public key from our website into the installed client and verify the letter of guarantee with it.

11. How long are coin transfer addresses valid?

Coin transfer addresses remain valid for 7 days from the date of their creation. This period is chosen to ensure sufficient time to resolve possible network issues or errors on the senders part to ensure the safety of our clients assets.